copyright 2020

In New York City Street Design Manual issued by the city’s Department of Transportation, the word “safe” appears 95 times, while “comfort” shows up 14 times, and “belong” 0 times. The resulted benign concrete sidewalk is an epitome of the recuperation in design for public space that overkills hazard and fuels the loss of empathy in urban environment. Intended to serve as a warning, hatch patterns, being repetitive ready-made material signifiers in architectural drawings, are borrowed to expose the insensitivity of the mass-produced concrete street pavement. Inspired by the power of dust in Teresa Stoppani’s writings to “materialize oblivion, blanketing over that which lies forgotten”, such patterns are stenciled with glass dust, a material used for the coating of reflective road signs, so to be only conspicuous to viewers from the source of light at night. ///hatch it///glass powder///dimensions variable///2020